Grantee Blog 2020

Breaking out of Quarantine

The students at Lincoln Park schools are breaking out of quarantine thanks to the New Jersey Healthy Community Network. The children were granted an interactive projector, rock wall and yoga mats. The interactive projector has the ability to play fun interactive games just using the floor and wall. The projector comes with over 100 games for children all grade levels to be played with the simple use of the projector. This projector is placed in the gym with plenty of space for the children to run around and release energy.  The games are interactive so the students can work with their classmates to achieve the best scores. The projector will simulate a real environment allowing the children to enjoy outside activities indoors no matter what weather permits.

The class favorite is the new yoga mats. Yoga has been known to relieve stressors and help clear one’s mind. After the hardships of going through a worldwide pandemic, the students will benefit greatly from the use the yoga mats. Yoga includes everyone and the grant allowed for the students to utilize these mats during their gym class. The students learned basic moves such has warrior, tree, downward dog, and bridge. The teachers were shocked by how much the children enjoyed doing yoga, most definitely will be added to the gym class curriculum.

Saving the best for last, Drum roll please… The rock wall. The rock wall was a great new addition to the Lincoln Park Elementary School. This rock wall comes with a mat at the bottom and the goal is to get across as fast as you can. In the middle of the rock wall lays a red line. The rule for the wall is for all the kids to keep their feet under the red line. The rock wall encourages the children to think strategically; thinking about which rock to go to next without falling off. The children love the rock wall, safe to say this wall created a friendly competition of which student can get across the fastest. The children in Lincoln Park are so lucky and are extremely grateful to have the opportunity to play with these new additions.

About the Grantee

Borough of Lincoln Park

The Lincoln Park Health Department works with our community partners, such as the Lincoln Park Elementary and Middle Schools, to work together to fulfill the needs of our community.