Grantee Blog 2020

Fit Desk

It has been said that nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike.  Did you know that you can obtain that simple pleasure during school hours? The students at Lincoln Park Middle School sure can! At the middle school, there are about two dozen under the desk bikes available for the children to use. These desks are portable and a great way to add fitness into any classroom. Fit desks are the best way to improve focus and add energy while listening in class. After touring the classrooms, I was amazed then along came the feeling of jealousy when I noticed the children having fun in class. As I walked into the classroom the children were listening intently and my eyes were drawn to their legs moving a mile a minute.

The kids expressed that there is a meter attached to the peddles tracking one’s speed, distance, and calories burned during the time peddling. One could say that this turned into a competition of which student was burning the most calories or peddling the fastest. I’d say this competition is beneficial to encouraging children to maintain a healthy lifestyle through exercise. The peddle bikes are placed strategically around the school. There are a few bikes placed in the special education classrooms leaving the teachers shocked by the improvement of focus these bikes brought to the students. The principal placed a bike in the disciplinary office. When a student is sent to office, they have them use the peddle bike for ten minutes before speaking with them. This allows for the student to cool off and burn some anger through peddling. This will give the child the opportunity to have a moment to relax and think. The Fit Desk is a great way to keep the children moving and get their minds flowing with thoughts.

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