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Partner Visits and National Farmers Market Week!

Our team has been busy planning and conducting site visits to our many Garden State Good Food Network partner retailers so that we can provide on-the-ground technical assistance and bring necessary marketing materials to our partners for promotion of the Good Food Buck program in their communities.

As markets have been starting up, we have been providing technical assistance to all of our partners. At markets where there are multiple vendors, keeping track of Good Food Bucks presents logistical challenges, and partners are also acclimating to our new online data entry system to centralize our data collection. We have received some great questions regarding these topics, and luckily our Garden State Good Food Network Coordinator has been equipping partners with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed. Good Food Buck markets are off to a strong start and already positively impacting their communities by increasing the affordability of farm-fresh, New Jersey produce!

We have also been sending out marketing collateral to all of our partners to advertise the program. These include flyers in English and Spanish, posters, rack cards, Good Food Buck scrip currency, banners, and A-frame sandwich boards. All of these materials will be sent directly to partner retailers to ensure that word gets out about Good Food Bucks.

This month, we visited the Lawnside Farmers’ Market, a new GSGFN partner retailer where Free Haven Farms implements the Good Food Buck program, and where they were selling their farm-fresh produce, including New Jersey kale and collards, cucumbers, blueberries, and more. Be sure to visit the market at 323 Charleston Avenue in Lawnside if you are in the area! We were also excited to see Free Haven Farms featured in the Summer Issue of Edible Jersey! The article highlights the efforts of FHF run by Dr. Cynthia Hall and Micaiah Hall, to create a more sustainable and equitable food system in Camden, addressing the systemic racism in the American Food System. They are doing impactful work to connect their community with fresh, nutritious food to address the “food mirage” that leads to diet-related illnesses. Read the full article from Edible Jersey here! And to learn more about Free Haven Farms and their work check out their website. Don’t forget to also check out Edible Jersey’s 2021 Farmers Market Guide, which now features indicators to show which farmers markets accept SNAP, WIC, FMNP, and Good Food Bucks in New Jersey, as well as the magazine’s feature article on nutrition assistance programs and Good Food Bucks!

Lastly, City Green is proud to announce that we will be supporting and highlighting our Good Food Buck partner retailers during the upcoming National Farmers’ Market Week from August 1st through 7th. Beginning August 1st, City Green will be celebrating by hosting a recipe contest, farmers market trivia, and giveaways at all our mobile farm stand sites throughout that week. Be on the look out on our Social Media accounts (@citygreenNJ) for posts highlighting our GSGFN Partner Retailers and their activities as well! We hope that the week can serve to promote the amazing work that our partner retailers are doing to provide affordable, local, and farm-fresh produce to their communities through the Garden State Good Food Network’s Good Food Buck Program.


Photo features Dr. Cynthia Hall of Free Haven Farms at the Lawnside Farmers Market

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