How to Take Care of a Wig

Following this 5 step system for maintaining your hairpiece is crucial to making sure it lasts for as long as possible. Below we outline the steps for wig cleaning and care that you should follow whenever you wash your hair replacement system. You’ll utilize everything that comes in your Wigs For Kids Beautiful Hair Kit for optimal wig care and protection.

You’ll need to prepare your hairpiece for the steps below. Place the hairpiece on a mannequin head with T pins – one in the center, at each temple, the nape, and on both sides. This will secure the hairpiece into place. Then you’ll spritz on the conditioning spray from the Beautiful Hair System. Use the loop brush to get rid of any tangles. Work the brush from ends, to middle, to top. Once you’ve brushed out the hair, you’re ready to start washing.

5 Step System for Maintaining your Hair Replacement System

  1. Preconditioner: Fill a sink or basin with lukewarm water and preconditioner. Your manual will tell you how much to use based on hair length. Dip the hair system in and out of the sink. Once you’ve done that several times, rinse the sink and prepare for the next step.
  2. Rinsing: Squeeze out water from the hair with your hands. Don’t spray running water directly onto the top of the hair. Instead, hold it to hair so it runs down the hair like a waterfall (a handheld sprayer is easiest to work with). Make sure you rinse it out completely. Squeegee out excess water with hands.
  3. Cleansing: Fill up the sink with lukewarm water and the correct amount of cleanser. Spread it around with hands to dilute. Dip hair system in and out, just like you did in the first step. Rinse the hair piece just like you did in the second step.
  4. Protein and Conditioner: The wear and tear of hair styling, along with the elements, break down the protein in our hair. The cuticle lifts and eventually splits off. The protein treatment in the Beautiful Hair line has 12% protein treatment that helps the cuticle lay down flat. Foam the protein into your palm. Massage it in from mid-shaft to the ends. Work fingers through all layers of hair, including underneath. Add more foam to hands and run it through the rest of the hair. Next, fill the basin with water and add conditioner (do not rinse out the protein treatment). Dip hair piece into the water/conditioner mixture. Rinse out thoroughly.
  5. Drying and Leave-in Protein: Squeeze out the moisture in the hair. Use the microfiber chamois from your kit to gently dry the hairpiece. The fiber in this cloth absorbs moisture without damaging the hair. Take the mannequin upside down and shake it out. Wet hair is the most vulnerable, so you want to lift the hair and the knots before brushing. Now add the leave-in protein. Spray all over the hair, including underneath. Then spray on the leave-in conditioner on top. Finally, you can brush out the hair.

Part of maintaining your hair system is spraying the inside of it with brisk. Spray brisk inside of the base of the hairpiece and onto your scalp every day. It’s cleansing and contains antibacterial properties to help you feel fresh. Keep up with these steps every time you wash your hairpiece to keep the hair shiny, healthy and soft for years to come.

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