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Holiday Wishes for Jamesburg Elementary School and its Pre-k Dental Program

This has been a turbulent year for everyone, including the town where UWCJ is launching a pre-k dental program. As of now, many students are attending school on a hybrid schedule that incorporates in school and remote learning. The virus is resurging, and almost 200 residents recently have tested positive. Yet, despite covid-related delays, our dental survey and curriculum plan are ready to be rolled out soon.
Our goal is to ensure that all young children in town receive comprehensive dental services from an early age; that their parents are well informed about dental and nutritional health; and that teachers have plenty of culturally sensitive materials on oral care to supplement the existing curriculum.
With all of this in mind, our wish list for this program for 2021 is:
All pre-k students meet with dental hygienists and dentists, and get all of the dental care they need
The availability of dental care spurs parents to make sure that children get complete medical care
Momentum is created for healthy nutrition programs for pre-k students and throughout JFK
This momentum leads to the expansion of STEAM programs in the school
A video library of bilingual dental information and activities for parents and children is created
Parents gain the confidence to advocate for their children within the school system
Parents gain the confidence to advocate for health insurance coverage for their children
Partnerships are formed with community health organizations
JFK becomes a “dental hub” for distributing dental health information, and perhaps a place where some dental services can be provided
Parents become interested in pursuing dental health careers and take courses at local community colleges
Summer learning programs that include dental education are renewed.
Happy Holidays Everyone!

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